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Ok so I was gonna have this whole huge big long thing about a bunch of different things I read people saying about MP on the first several pages of this thread which was as far as I read, and I still am boiling over with different comments, but right now there's one thing I really really want to know: What size/kind of china cymbal did MP originally use on the studio recording of As I Am on the album Train of Thought? I'm talking about the intro part of the song, right before the tempo doubles. It's killing me and the one place that listed his cymbal setup from that album didn't specify which china cymbals were which (i.e. there was a list of cymbals on the side, then a diagram of the set, but without a way to correlate cymbals between the list and the diagram). Anyone who can tell me I will love you forever! K maybe not haha jk but I really need to know,
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