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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

Originally Posted by jplive View Post
Thanks, I designed and built the house 7 years ago.

It's sloped on the other side also and the entire area is pretty big so the sound reflects down on the opposite side of the loft into the living room I would guess. I resized some more pics show better. Most of these pics are older and don't have the drums in them though.

It's probably not the best recording area but it's fun to play up their. It's like a stage LOL :-)

This is the front of the house the loft is located top left of the house.
Attachment 16396
This is the other end of the loft
Attachment 16397
This shows how the other roof line comes down on the inside. I don't know how much the beams reflect the sound if the do at all.
Attachment 16398
Under the loft=kitchen
Attachment 16403

Attachment 16400
Looking down into the living room
Attachment 16401
Front wall Interior
Attachment 16402
Resized this to show my little workstation-Korg D1200. I recorded all the songs in the link from my signature with this.

Yeah dude If you wake up on the snow it's because i stole you house. lol. NICE place!!
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