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Me. I married the girl I grew up with. She was a musician (viola) & was into my drumming. I had 2 bands when we married. During the reception she pulls me aside and told me the drums had to go. It was time to "grow up" & get a real carrer. Fast forward 30 years. That wife is now an ex-wife. No drumming for nearly 30 years due to my Navy carrer.

My "new" wife of 24 years totally digs my drumming. She bought me a new kit for Christmas '04 & told me to "get it on". We've never looked back. Now 4 years & 4 drum sets later we have a studio in the basement & rock on like crazy. Who says being in your 50's ain't fun!
Dude! Talk about a mixed day! :-)

Glad it's all worked out in the end

My wife hates that I play, my girlfriend is pretty cool with it though....

Hahaa I'd just managed to resist that one!
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