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Originally Posted by Vintagedrummer View Post
Me. I married the girl I grew up with. She was a musician (viola) & was into my drumming. I had 2 bands when we married. During the reception she pulls me aside and told me the drums had to go. It was time to "grow up" & get a real carrer. Fast forward 30 years. That wife is now an ex-wife. No drumming for nearly 30 years due to my Navy carrer.

My "new" wife of 24 years totally digs my drumming. She bought me a new kit for Christmas '04 & told me to "get it on". We've never looked back. Now 4 years & 4 drum sets later we have a studio in the basement & rock on like crazy. Who says being in your 50's ain't fun!


Sorry to hear about the first wife...holy crap! But that's SO awesome about your "new" wife. I'm glad you are getting to take part in your passion again, man!
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