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Default Re: Favorite Bass Players

Originally Posted by foursticks View Post
I really dig Paul Jackson actually - he's such a spot on bassist and grooves like hell. You gotta love Bootsy as well - especially his stuff with James Brown like Superbad and Sex Machine of course.

As for jazz - I think Ron Carter is just the most beautiful bassist and Gingerbread Boy of Miles Smiles has the most awesome bass at the end where it's just him and Tony..
Paul Chambers just had groove and I think he was quite ahead of his time and the same goes for Jimmy Garrison - especially with his soloing with the pauses in his phrasing and such..
Yep, Bootsy, Jackson, Ron, Chambers and Garrison are amazing. Especially Garrison and Chambers. But then I am in love with all things Coltrane.

I would also add Larry Graham the groove master, Victor Wooten (bit obvious I guess but his ability is incredible), Flea (Older Chili's - it was more real. The early 90's stuff was packed with groove though - just not a fan of anything since One Hot Minute), all types of Stanley Clarke bass playing, Miroslav Vitouš (Now he sings now he sobs is amazing in every way) and I almsot forgot Jaco (his work on Heavy Weather is spot on).
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