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I finally got to see Al Foster live.

I sat 8-10 feet directly in front of his drumkit.

It was BETTER than I thought it would be, which is saying a lot since I think Al is the greatest.

Al holds the sticks REAL loose. The tips of his sticks are sanded down so the attack is woody and mellow and dark.

Also, his Sound Creation Dark Ride is a special one. The edges are very thin and crashable, unlike the many many other SCDR.....the stick sound and bell are similar to mine but his had GOT to be very thin. (It actually inspired me to SELL my SCDR because I know Im going to spend the rest of my giggin life going..."I wish I had a thin, jazzy one like Al's)
Also it erased all the MYSTIC that this cymbal sound is ALL IN HIS HANDS AND TOUCH....bunk....Al would sound like Al on ANY cymbal but this SCDR IS different....he got a gem.

Actually I could see the lathing patterns from the underside of the cymbal which means the cymbal is thinner than most...

Al is very musical and listens constantly.

The things that really inspired me the other night were as follows
1. His listening ability and sensitivity
2. His LIGHT touch and ability to get 1,000 sounds out of all his instruments and colors
3. His phrasing....NOT what you would expect
4. His use of dynamics
5. He is a GREAT drum soloist. On par, (in my opinion) with Max Roach.

If you get to see him do it!
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