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Default Re: Both Bands doing Pretty Well now.

Hey, Mike...

First of all, congrats on getting to your first gig! That's really awesome, man. What kind of gig is it? I've never heard of Guitar Center having bands in...I've also never heard of a store hiring a band to play 8-9 songs (as opposed to a few sets)...tell us more about the gig, man!

As far as the problem with your first band...sadly, that's a VERY common problem. Especially in rock cover bands, where there's a "close enough to recognize is fine" mentality. Sometimes, you have to stand up and be "the bad guy." Without being mean, if there's a problem with a part of the song, then tell them it sounds just that part, figure out (as a band) what is wrong, and then run it, the right way, A LOT.

I tormented my band with this at first, but now it's something they are all used to. Literally, I'll say, "Ok, that's fixed. Let's take it from the top of that verse" (or whereever the problem is). Play to the end of the verse (or whereever the problem is), cut the band, and say, "Again," and click it right back off. I will do this 10-30 times (depending on the complexity of the mistake) without even a pause...and if the mistake happens again, I reset that counter in my head.

It may seem anal, but my band learns those hard parts...and we've never once had a mistake on stage after doing that.
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