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Default Re: Drummer/singers?

I sing about 70% of my new bands songs - there are only 2 of us now....

Itís quite hard coming up with a good melody and a drum line at the same time I find - so usually Iíll work on the drum lines - and sing any old rubbish until Iím happy with the drums, then Iíll work on the vocals.

I find it can be very difficult to play along to drum machines and samples and sing behind the beat - sing sloppy, which is something I like, it takes time to learn....

Itís really good to record the song, sing your parts without playing the drums at the same time - then you can teach yourself to do both at once...

Also Iíve found practicing to a metronome and singing (just any rubbish) when doing my pad stuff has really helped.

The hardest thing for me is keeping my breath - Iím quite a 'physical' drummer so learning to breath is important too, Iím thinking of taking up jogging to improve my fitness, which will improve my drumming....

Anyhow - hope you find some of this some use...

All the best.
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