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Default Re: Favorite Bass Players

Hey, great thread and my 2nd most favorite topic!

First, I shall bow & kneel to the Gods before I go any further.

Jaco Pastorius * Ron Carter * Charlie Haden * Stanley Clark.

That out of the way, there are some greats in no particular order:

James Jamerson
( The king of R& of Jaco's inspirations )

Hadrien Feraud ( watch out for this kid, he's the Tony Williams of electric bass.. hear him with John MacLaughlin )

Victor Wooten ( we all know him )

Adam Nitti
( Killer 6 string virtuoso )

Gary Willis
( A pfatter groove isn't possible, hear him with Tribal tech.. watch his left leg as he plays..funny as heck )

Paul McCartney ( lost a lot of money to a one legged chick recently )

Jack Bruce
( an essential 1/3 of super group Cream.. he & Eric hated each other )

Oteil Oubridge ( Another 6 stringer redefining bass playing )

Gary Peacock ( The ultimate acoustic trio player. Helped DeJohnette sound as good as he did... a Zen master too )

Matt Garrison
( Another young monster with great genes.. hes the son of Coltrane's bass player Jimmy Garrison.. hear him with Scott Kinsey)

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