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I love Steve Jordan. Got to see him play live at Crossroads. He's incredible. I love his 17" hi-hats. Totally ridiculous, but they sound amazing. I also recommend watching Herbie Hancock: Possibilities. There isn't a huge spotlight on him there but he lays down some really nice grooves on that documentary. And of course he's amazing with John Mayer Trio as well. Great groove. One of the best out there.

I haven't read the whole thread, but my band director at school was telling about this album not too long ago where the drummer lays down some crazy off-time grooves. He said that he lays down 5/4 and 7/4 grooves over 4/4 time signature throughout the song. Sounds kind of crazy. We looked it up and it's way hard to find we think but I think it was Steve Jordan on drums. Anyways I couldn't write it down at the time and now I forgot the name of the album and the band. Does it sound at all familiar to anyone?

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