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Default Favorite Bass Players

We all have our favorite drummers. But, some of us play different instruments besides drums. Therefore, one tends to have favorite players of that instrument.

For you bass players out there, who is your favorite bass players?

Tell us:
Who they are
Whatever band they play in
What style they have
Why you like them
How they influenced you

And if you want, show us some videos, songs, or whatever about them.

Here's mine:
ryan martinie
funk, slap bass
he has definetely a revolutionary bassist in metal with his uber complex basslines. he makes the songs more "interesting". he is known for flicks and a flemenco style, not normally found in metal. he's also awesome at bass chords.
well, he hasn't influenced me playing-wise, but he sure has influenced me to push my musical boundries and combine styles of music.
Pearl, PDP, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Evans, Remo
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