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Default Re: Bo Diddley Passes Away 79 Years Old - R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Skitch View Post
I actually played some dates for Bo back in 2005. The funny thing is that the Bo Diddley beat on the original recording was usually played with a shaker as opposed to being played on a tom or multiple toms. You can find a great compilation on the Chess Records label. Similar to the 3:2 clave, the Bo Diddley clave was really “shave and a hair cut –two bits” and can be heard in countless recordings through out modern music, which is the reason Bo is often referred to as the “Originator”.

WOW! Shakers, Handclaps, Tambourines did make the groove those days, rather than the drummer. No way to cover drumgrooves of Stones, Beatles, etc on the drums only, without those unterrated percussion parts wich often appear on the recordings to be louder then the drums and often even louder than the vocals.
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