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Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Lenny White simply is "one of the greatest". Just got back from seeing RTF tonight. His Istanbul cymbals sounded killer. His Innovation drums slammed. 2 racks, 3 floors. Floor toms sounded massive. My guess is 12 and 13 racks, 14, 16, 18 floors. His web site still lists his cymbals as Zildjian, but indeed, he's flying all Istanbul. His open handed playing style just makes his playing look so effortless. Basically, he did 2 solo's. Both short, and both intense. I never want to sit thru another Peart/Portnoy "arena rock" drum solo again. Been there and done that 10 times (at least). Lenny is fast and fluid. Single kick, single pedal. In his second solo, he brought a snare roll down to and below a whisper, dropped that, and what remained was the faint sound of his right foot rolling on his kick. Then the camera dudes put the action on the 2 big monitor screens, left and right of the stage. 1 beater moving so fast it was just a blur. Then, to add insult to injury, he brought the volume up. Game over. A simply magical night.
Great review, Harry. Please do a more detailed one. Lenny always looks like he's just sitting on the drums, bored, relaxed just noodling & messing around , checking them out..

..but what your ear hears is something else.

Happy to hear you made the gig.. do tell us more
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