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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

Originally Posted by divingdrummerdean View Post

That is an absolutely beautiful room! It looks like a very comfortable museum of sorts. What are the two large, dark, tapered, cylindrical wood drums against the wall on the right side?
Thanks for the comments. Alas, that room is no more as I have moved. I have another room of comparable size with the same stuff in it.

The two large drums are bass ashikos, 13 and 14 inches. They're bolt tuned, in contrast to the traditional rope tuning. The ashikos are forefathers of the congas - when the Spanish brought slaves to Cuba, the slaves sought to re-create their traditional drums, including the ashiko. The closest thing they could find were rum barrels, like wine barrels but smaller. They put heads on those and thus the conga drum was born.
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