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Default Re: How to Start a Band

Originally Posted by blade123 View Post
Edit: at the Fullerton jazz festival last year, did you go to the auxiliary clinic? I loved that guy. He was great and taught me a LOT.
No, unfortunately, my jazz band's from Bakersfield, so we went up as a group to hear the faculty trio and a few others, and then did our performance. Took third, which is disappointing, considering that 2 years ago we took first... of course, no-one beats out El Dorado. Those guys SMOKE..

I wish you the best with that ad!!!

Originally Posted by ericmiles View Post
The key point: get them excited about the MUSIC and the rehearsals and everything else will fall into place.
GREAT advice! Yeah, I suppose I should just email the individuals and keep it more personal that taking an anonymous ad kind of approach...
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