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Default Re: How to Start a Band

Okay, I drafted a basic email-style description of the group that I'm planning to email out to everyone. I'll post it here... if anyone thinks of something that needs inclusion, please let me know!



Bass, Keys, Saxophone, and Trumpet are needed.

Will be an organized group with rehearsals twice a week. I'm perfectly fine with arranging rehearsal times to suit everyone's schedules. Rehearsals will typically be 2-3 hours. One rehearsal will be dedicated to sight reading all new music (building a base of call-up tunes), and the other rehearsal will be dedicated to practicing tunes we have already sight read (getting comfortable with each other as players). Everyone will get solos to fit the tune (i.e.: in a soft piano-intensive ballad, no drum solos). We will be playing a mix of Traditional Jazz and Latin(Fakebook/Realbook tunes, bop-era charts), New and Contemporary Jazz (anything post-bop that's NOT SMOOTH!!!), and Old Pop (Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, whatever we can manage without a vocalist).

Expect two 2-3 hour rehearsals per week for a month before getting a gig. The entire purpose of this band, besides having fun and making music, is to play around town and hopefully get lots of gigs. Any payment that the band receives will be equally divided among all the players.

All rehearsals will be recorded and CDs can be emailed or burnt for anyone who wants/needs a copy for a class or just to listen. Please RSVP with your schedule and WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, and I will try to make rehearsals as conveinent as possible for everyone. Depending on individual schedules, I hope to begin rehearsals on the last week of July, carrying us into the school year. By the end of the first quarter, we will hopefully begin to play around town.

RSVP. Clayton Chancey
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