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Default Re: How to Start a Band

It's been my experience (especially recently) that the main thing to starting a band is that all members have the same level of commitment and understanding of the direction of the band.
I've been working with a trio for several months (drums, bassist and singer/ guitarist). The singer/ guitarist is much younger than the bassist and myself. As a matter of fact, he just graduated from high school and is an amazing musician. He has really projected us into a much higher level of playing than we were before.
The problem is his priorities are a little different than ours. Just this past week, we were scheduled for a practice on Tuesday and then play a gig on Wednesday. He called and cancelled the practice AND the gig stating that he wanted to "spend time with his girlfriend"! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! Needless to say, we are not very happy with him right now and have talked about finding a replacement soon.
My point is- I totally agree that you can find great talent in young people (just out of high school) but if the maturity and level of commitment is not there, it can be a real let down.
I wish you the best of luck!
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