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Default Re: How to Start a Band

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Might help now, to start thinking of your project as a trio +. Getting 5 cats together twice a week might be hard. Especially if the people are already gigging. If you and the bass player are "tight", any third body, there's a gig. If 4 can make it, cool. If all 5 make it, sweet.
That's a very good point, and regrettably, it might end up happening. :( I talked to one saxophonist (the one who plays alto) and he would love to be in, but may not be able to make the practices all the time. But I have another friend on tenor who would be able to make 2x-a-week rehearsals between his 5-hour practice sessions (homeschoolers, go figure). While I would LOVE to have a trumpet, there's only one I know that has the jazz chops necessary... and he's heavily involved in sports, making practice for some combo a huge sacrifice - probably not one he'll make.

Also, how much rehearsal is needed before we're ready to go play more upscale gigs? Obviously house parties, favors for friends, low-paying company parties, etc. don't need a whole ton of preparation, if you're a good sightreader... but when it comes to really DEVELOPING a flavor and developing a unique way of playing tunes, how long do you keep things in the oven before bringing these elements to a show?
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