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Originally Posted by SpeedFreek291
Of course Travis is going to seem like a so-so drummer when you put him up against people like Steve Gadd and Dennis Chambers. I know he is not the greatest, but he is really good. The point that I am trying to make is that just because there is someone out there better than him doesn't mean he sucks. It just means that there is someone better, thats all. He has an extreme love for the instrument and is obviously dedicated to getting better. You can't put someone down for that.
I agree. theres always going to b sum1 better, at sumthin than u r. But he is a good drummer tho and as said b4 he luvs his instrument and he practises and stuff so u cant put him down for that. Just cause hes succesful shouldnt give other drummers the right to put him down, he luvs wat he does, and that should b enough. He's been out there for a while now and thats great so u should praise him for a good job, but Blinks still goin great for him and just cause transplants and Boxcar racer didnt work out as good as blink doesnt mean u should bag him and say "hey look at boxcar and transplants now where r they now, havent herd them 4 a while" i mean u have heard about blink 182. and u still do. Just cause his other 2 bands rnt as big, i mean really how many hugly succesful bands do u want the guy to b in b4 ull say that hes a good drummer! Name drummers hoo hav been as big and known as him and have made 3 equally, hugly succesful bands! Im not sayin there rnt, i just cant think of any at the moment but tell who there is, make sum suggestions cause there probably will b sum.

Now i said all this and i dont even really listen to blink 182. Like if a blink 182 song comes on the radio, ill listen to it and like it. But i dont buy their albums and stuff. But i said all this because i can see that he luvs wat hes doin, he enjoys it. Plus hes a good drummer i dont think u can deny that, like he has skills. So dont put him down just cause u can. Hes a good drummer, my opinion not great or amazing but real good.

Nuff said.
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