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Default Re: How to Start a Band

Thanks, eric and everybody... Good advice all around!

Originally Posted by ericmiles View Post
One more thing to keep in mind, especially because you asked to say it like it is: NO ONE from high school is really that good. You sound like you are on the road to getting good and your professional attitude will carry you far.

I don't mean to get argumentative here, after all, you're just offering some great advice (!) but that bit about no-one from high school really being that good is bogus. I know that personally, my professional career landed me gigs with Isaiah Morfin (young solo artist, also in High School... won Down Beat's Young Artist of the Year Award, played at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and also played with Terrell Stafford), Paul Perez (played alto for the Tower of Power), and Doug Davis (amazing pianist and classical composer). I've also been the drummer opening for the Estrada Brothers, Tom Harrell, and Condrad Herwig's "Latin Side of Miles, 'Trane, and Wayne." Two of the musicians I'm talking with about this combo, the saxophonist and the pianist, played at Carnegie Hall in 5th Grade (which is a big deal, being from California), and the pianist, according to the official SCSBOA Jazz results, is the number one high-school jazz pianist in California.

It seems narrow-minded to say that high-schoolers can't be as good of musicians as older people can. lol Maybe part of the reason I'm fiesty about this idea is because it tries to limit what I can do as an individual and a musician, and I don't think anything can do that.

:) I liked the other stuff you said, though.... hehe
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