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Default Re: How to Start a Band

What up CC,

Transitioning out of the school environment into the pro ranks, is super challenging. Not in the playing department, but in all the other aspects. Booking shows, getting paid, at those shows, being a band leader, organizing rehearsals etc. . . .

The advice to keep it fun, you should take to heart. Not just because this idea gets lost sometimes, but because all good groups START with the fun had playing. It's what will carry you through all the rest.

I would say that planning things 2 months in advance is overkill. I would try and arrange something next week to two weeks from now. If you know the players, make the calls, start and email list, make it happen. Even if they say yes to 2 months from know, other things could crop up in the interim.

Though it's unavoidable, try not to be intimidated by great players. Play with the best you can find, they will push you, and of course make your band sound better.

One more thing to keep in mind, especially because you asked to say it like it is: NO ONE from high school is really that good. You sound like you are on the road to getting good and your professional attitude will carry you far. But bear this in mind when you try and get gigs. Best place to start is house-parties or private functions. Club gigs will be hard to get because you will be competing against more experienced cats, and age will be an issue (drinking 21+, you know the drill).

My advice, plan it all out in your mind, but take it one step at a time. Organize a jam, have some fun. If the vibe is good, schedule another jam. If everyone is into it, bring up regular rehearsals. If the band is smoking, book a gig.

fire away any more questions,
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