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Hey all,

I've finally decided to sit down this summer and plan out how to start a band. I'm hoping to get a combo together with some of my acquaintances from a high school jazz ensemble and form a 5-piece group with Drums (me), Bass, Piano, Alto Sax, and Trumpet. I know an amazing jazz pianist who I've played with many times before, as well as a phenomenal alto sax and a good screamer on trumpet. I'd like to meet 2x a week to rehearse and sightread tunes (lots of old and new jazz, latin, and old pop - sinatra, fitzgerald, etc.), and I'm considering calling everyone a good month or 2 in advance to make sure their schedules are okay with mine.

So basically I'm looking for advice... what would really draw other musicians into this experience, where they might be somewhat skeptical at first? These people I have in mind are all high-school aged, but RIDICULOUSLY good players... all of them (including me) have performed at the Fullerton Jazz Festival, at the All-State Band, and lots of school-related stuff... but I don't think any of them have really been involved in a gigging jazz group.

If anyone has tips, suggestions, ideas about starting a band and keeping it going...PLEASE feel free to drop in and say it like it is!

Thanks SO MUCH in advance...

Clayton Chancey
Oh my God, I could be posting that. I even went to Fullerton. I'm looking for a group (5 might be too big, preferably 3-4). There's no talent were I live, so I can't start a band (yes I know there is, but they're keeping their whereabouts awfully secret). With larger groups, charts are the way to go. Look for some standards in bebop. Older jazz was mainly big band, and 5 is too small for a proper big band. Plus, bop for the most part has easy to follow structures. Get into Monk, Blakey, Miles.

Also, for sax, tenor might be easier to work with than alto, just a FYI.
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