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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

Originally Posted by Cliffalmondmusic View Post
Hey Aydee-
Thanks for the compliments on the Whitlock/Krantz stuff. As far as Krantz, he's been using different guys for quite a few years now. Ari Hoenig, Dafnis Prieto, Anton Fig, etc. I've been doing some of those gigs lately. There are a few videos out there, and I am on some his last record "Your basic live '06". There is a video of us from a year or so ago on my myspace page:

Thanks for listening-
Will definitely check those out,thanks again, Cliff.

btw,I gotta tell you, last night I jammed with some people in a bar ( streched out chicken, actual proof,etc..) and all I could think of while I was playing was your free-flowing, effortless playing on the Baked Potato gig on youtube.
So when I got a few compliments afterwards, I told them it was'nt all me, it was partly Cliff Almond.

Thanks for the inspiration; )
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