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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

Originally Posted by somethingstarted View Post
so pretty much it's make money or write your own stuff? unless your known around your area and more? that sucks, i knew the record company's liked to make money but i thought they were only good for promotion recording and touring, not destroying a bands sounds!
Of course it depends on the artist, but since the labels are in business to make money, they're entitled to a certain amount, sometimes complete control over the product they issue. I think we've all bought CDs because we liked a song or two we'd heard on the radio or seen as a video, only to discover that the rest of the CD was a lot of self-indulgent crap. In that respect, I applaud the ability to buy only the tracks I like, and not be forced to buy an entire album's worth of songs.

If anything, the artists need to be more selective about what they put out there. If you have one of those CDs where every track but one is horrible, was that the label's fault... or the artist's?

Then again, with being able to select the tracks we want online and one at a time, it's the consumer who ultimately decides and artist or label's success. We're truly the ones in control and I prefer it that way. Bands and their labels/distributors/sponsors still have to meet our standards.

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