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I was a 'student' of Andy a couple of years back. When in his company he makes you feel you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The 3 hour lesson I had with him taught me more about our craft than I had learned in 25 years of drumming. Only 5 minutes was sent on the kit and I didn't play a thing. He spoke about time and feel, no books, no 'come back next Wednesday', it was very much a one-off. I to this day tell complete strangers in the bus queue about the the day I first met Andy Newmark.
A few months later I shared a train journey home from London (he lives two stops up the track from me in Kent, England) after a clinic, again he spent no more than 5 minutes of a 3 hour clinic on the drums but it was like the sermon on the mount as far as I was concerned. He tells some great stories like his time with the greats, in the West End orchestra pits and the time he threw out all his gold records!
He truly is a humble man and wonderful human being and dare I say a friend? We e-mail every 6-8 weeks or so but I don't like to hassle him. But be warned, he never remembers your name!!!
Bless you Boss!

Si Phillpotts, The Bresslaws, Kent, England.
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