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Default Re: Jimmy "The Reverend" Sullivan

Okay, first of all, unless your name is Jason Bittner, shut the hell up, because nothing you can play can touch the skill that the Rev he the best? no, he's not the best. In case you haven't noticed, the best musicians aren't in kickass band like Avenged Sevenfold (take Michael Angelo Batio for instance, he's insanely good, but his music is literally all shred, no composition).

secondly...take it from someone who actually knows how to tune drums (and plays them as well)...
every drummer i know has been trying to get their snare to sound like The Rev's ever since Bat Country's freakin crisp, and dry, and everything else beautiful about an awesome snare drum.

The Rev has excellent chops, technique, visual performance skills, variety, and FEEL...listen to songs like sidewinder, City of Evil was a GREAT album, with the Self-Titled album being even stronger)

reply with whatever insults or baseless opinions you have, i'd love to hear them.
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