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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
True, although the competition to get exposure is ramping up. The consumer/music-lover must deliberately seek this new material, and there's only so much time that can be dedicated to sitting in front of the computer, wading through iTunes New Releases or Just For You sections, or CD Baby's New Music page there are 40 new albums Avante Garde category alone!) etc etc.

That's a lot of effort, perhaps well worth it, but how does the artist who's going it alone get noticed? Who'll step in, become the 'label' for the online artists, and help promote those artists? Someone will... probably several entities... and then artists will start vying to associate themselves with those 'labels', and it will be the same thing all over again. Maybe not in the immediate future, but in the foreseeable future.

Same shtick, different day.


Yes, I have to admit to being sceptical about the lauded benefits of the 'Myspace' revolution, given that there is such a sea of people putting their stuff up. I'm not much for new music, but it would be like finding a needle in a haystack to discover the next big thing. I guess it still holds true that getting noticed still requires a massive amount of touring and fan-base building.
To me, the bottom line still remains - if you've got the sound and the songs you'll get picked up, one way or another.
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