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Default Re: New Ludwig blue sparkle bop kit!

Well sorry for the delay in pictures guys, I recently moved and can't find my digital camera charger, I have some crappy cell pictures but I think I'll wait untill I can fine something with more detail...Unless you all can't wait :P

Quick Review:

The kit is immaculate as far as wrap/chrome/flaws there are no scratches or anything the previous owner took awesome care of these luddys(I imagine he would he had a vintage DW kit that was pretty much MINT)
The heads are fyberskyns over stock ludwig weather master coated heads, the kick has a coated ps3 with stock reso, even with only the batters replaced this thing SINGS, and does it with beauty, full rich tom sounds, great tuning ranges that I don't think I'll eveerrrr grow bored of hearing. Kick right now is a little plfffff but Im planning on changing the stock heads to abmassadors with a stip of felt for a little more umpf/boom.

Im going to pick up coated ambassadors all around both batter and reso, and also keep the current fyberskyns(witch I reallllllly like I just want to test the ambys out on the kit) to compare.

I am very happy with my ludwig choice and probably will never sell this classic set.

Theres no doubt in my mind anyone looking for a pro kit or a classic vintage luddy to check out a modern version of the ludwig classic maple series to fill those shoes.


PS: I read online that the classic maples come with 45 degree edges, but when taking a look at mine they look more rounded than anything(is there a possibility of rounded over INSIDE 45's?) I will take pictures later.(I know your going to ask for em :P)


Ahh what the hay, heres some lame phone camera pics, they do the sparkles some justice actually :-D
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