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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

The record industry has always been, and always will be, all about making money. That's all it boils down to. I know it may seem as though it's changed over the years, but it really hasn't. Back in the day, people had much better taste than they did now. But over time, that all changed. So it's not that the record industry at one time was all about putting out good music. They just gave the people what they wanted. And at that time, people wanted something that was new and genuine, not the garbage people are demanding these days.

As far as it being worth it to be on a major label, that all depends on how much of your soul you're willing to sell. You're not going to be on a major label and have any sort of control over what gets written and released. You do what you're told or you disappear into obscurity. And what's even worse is that even if you do sign to a major label, half the time you end up broke in the end anyways. The label sees your payment as "exposure". The experience of traveling the world and an endless supply of women and drugs as payment enough.
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