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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
FWIW, with the changing dynamic of music distribution, labels are hesitant to sign acts that aren't marketable/profitable.

Until about 10 years ago, labels seemed to sign anyone who had borderline potential. The label hoped for the best, but it also resulted in a lot of signed bands that never went anywhere. Being signed was hardly a guarantee of success. Now, getting signed is more difficult, but it also tends to indicate that the label feels they will make money. So while getting a foot in the door is harder, there are less broken hearts as a result.
Yes sir, I know this all to well - now. We were asked to change a number of things to make our band more marketable or should I say more targetable for a broader audience. This resulted in feelings of uncertainty within the band simply becuase we didn't want to change what we know worked for us as a band and what the little following of people we had enjoyed. Sadly, the industry professionals didn't agree and simply said... "It's our way or the highway." Many arguements between my band members ensued and the breakup of the band and heartbreak was the outcome. I didn't want anyone to tamper with my stuff. My music was my music. I stuck to my guns and learned many lessons in the process, and to a degree definately feel "Marked" by the industry many years ago.

Looking back with mature eyes and firsthand knowledge, we were more than likely a band that was high risk at a point when the risk assesment was being curbed due to profit loss, and somehow slipped our foot in the door. Such is life. But, as long as the story remains some might benefit and gain a better understanding of the business and its web of uncertainty and glory.

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