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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

Jones, Bermuda and MFB have spoken well on the topic. Pretty much summed up what I was gonna say. You did ask the question... "Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?"

As Bermuda said concerning good music being "extremely subjective", the same goes concering personal responses for your question. There will be the inevitable yes & no with various opinons based on informed and uniformed knowledge.

Something that one must consider when toying with the idea of signing with a major label is... "Are you ready to possibly have your heart broken?" That is one possibility that I never thought of early in my journey in music, but its one that I will never forget. Alot of lessons and unexpected hiccups happen when talks with labels engage.

The only way to really know if its worth it, is to experience the roller coaster for yourself, become informed, take a step back, THINK with your brain and not with your dream, and analyze properly. If your not fortunate or fortunate enough (subjective) to have that chance, then continue asking questions until you feel satisfied.
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