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Default Re: Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

Given that there are only three major record labels, stagnation is a growing problem. This is actually something I've been studying recently. Independent artists and labels are slowly making their mark more apparent. Take Domino Records - a totally independent label that signed Franz Ferdinand and then sold 1.5 million albums based upon a complete gamble that would've rendered the record label's founder (Lawrence Bell) absolutely bankrupt has it not paid off and then proceeded to sign the Arctic Monkeys, who have managed even more substantial sales.

Naturally, a major label tried to buy the business from him, but he turned down the offer.

Ultimately, the flexibility of an independent label (with regards to employing freelance staff for promotion/distribution etc) means that now with a much smaller set of sales figures for physical album releases, the majors' in-house approach is no longer economically viable. The industry has been going this way for a long time. With the decline of the majors, it is inevitable that we will soon see a sudden diversification of music, but with a lower financial potential. Don't get into music if you want to make money any more!
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