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Default Is getting signed to a Major really worth it anymore?

I came across this thought a while ago. The answer has become more and more apparent. The industry is just not the same these days. Apart from that, major labels have lost touch big time. It's a shame, and we can all agree, that mind numbing music is rewarded more than enlightening, technically astounding music, or just good and well written music. Of course this is all a matter of taste, but deep down inside as musicians, we know what's good and bad. I've heard many stories about record companies owning music, owning the artist, basically enslaving the artists, hiring producers to alter their vision and direction of music...i've seen it happen to a few bands around my area that are doing well. One of them even left the major label because they were so unsatisfied.

People can do pretty well for themselves nowadays without a Major record label. You have to be more business savvy and treat the band like a business, but not mesh the two together. The art should not serve the business, the business should serve the art. Or maybe it should be both, a two way street. That's how I kind of see it.

In the end, I think I know the type of music I want to do and the type of player I want to be...either way, I have to be true to me, because I can do me best. We need variety, and we need people to push the envelope.

Forgive my long rant. Do some of you agree or disagree?
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