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Default Re: does rock band help you on drumming

Originally Posted by Fett2oo5 View Post
Is it fun? yes loads of fun! Is it challenging? yea it can get pretty hard. But is it "Good" for drummers? (in the aspect of getting better at playing drums) NO!

First and MAJOR grievence: LAG time. I have played this game on 3 other friends TV's and not one of them could I get the game to sync up perfectly with the music. It was always slightly on top of the beat or slightly behind the beat. Playing songs on Rock Band and hitting the pad(s) when the game says you are right but at the same time you are just slightly ahead or slightly behind the music is horrible to practice over and over and over. It would throw your timing off when you are playing with a band w/ real instruments, and w/ a sound system.

I can sum it up with that old saying: Practicing the correct way will get you good results, practicing the wrong way will get you bad results.

Other grievences: you can't learn good stick control, or the feel of "the sticks striking the drums". Not to mention the joke they try pass off as a bassdrum pedal, honestly that couldn't been done A LOT better.

However I digress...

And now the hardcore gamer has a chance to talk:
It's an AWESOME game it brings people together to interact in ways that they might not be able to in the past. Not everyone can be a good musician, good enough to play in a band with their friends. This game brings it down to the "gamer level" in which the intruments have been "simplified" into a few buttons. And with that you now have a game: a sequence of visual and audio cues coming from the TV/Monitor, that you can manipulate with a few controls that fit in your hand.

I really like this game and enjoy playing it with my bandmates as well as my friends who are not so musically inclined. I enjoy it for what it is: a game.

LOL it's kind of like the Matrix, you have to think of it as code, just like all games, and like all games there are ways to "cheat", to do things in the game (with the devices Rack Band provides) that you couldn't do in real life.

I think EVERYONE should look at this with the right perspective, this is not a device to teach, or practice an instrument. It's a GAME that emulates playing those instruments, the developers never intended this to be a way to teach people how to play guitars or drums, nor for a way to practice said instruments. The objective is to bring friends together to play a game in a new and intuitive way. When you get it down to basics this isn't much different than what Halo did to the gaming community, Halo's advancements were purely game software and multiplayer interaction. Well Rock Band's advancements are the peripherals and their intigration into the software.

It's all about perspective really, there's no reason for Gamers nor for Musician's to get all bent out of shape about it.
couldn't have said it better myself.

but one thing you left out, or what i might ad myself;
it may or may not get or influence more people to either listen to music they normaly wouldn't, it can also convince someone to go to a pawn shop or somewhere and pick up a real guitar, drum set, bass, or whatever. it may get them started and music and one day making someone's favoret song. so it does and can show some other porposes for being usefull.

EDIT: i played guitar hero and it made me worse at guitar!
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