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Default Re: does rock band help you on drumming

A new thought:

I'm surprised that it is now when there are "music" games coming out do people start to criticize the musical talent of people who play these games. No one said anything about those people who were great at playing SOCOM Navy Seals. Is it not the same argument? "Does playing Socom make you a good "special ops soldier"? Or what about all the football games and baseball games. If you had a bat to use with MLB 2008 would you then think you were a great baseball player? No you wouldn't (if you were a sane person) You would go about your business just as gamers have for years and boast that you were great at "such and such" game, not that a game made you a great "this or that".

This is where the arguement turns...

When people who are gamers and have never played an instrument in their life begin to boast they are great guitar players just because they can play though Rock Band / Guitar Hero on expert and flawlessly, you have problems. Because clearly playing guitar/bass/drums/whatever in a game environment is not even close to playing the real instrument. And these people who do this are obviously ignorant of the amount of focus and skill that is required (not to mention hours of practice), to be great at real instruments.

Just thoughts, have a good day.

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