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I don't own many music videos so I'm afraid I lack reference to judge, but let's try.

NAME: Dennis Chambers: Serious Moves


WORDED RATING: Average. Everytime I look at this video I remind of guitarists who complain at videos of guys like Malmsteen, who just show off, and don't sound interested on teaching anything.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everybody who wants to get really frustrated or likes LONG Drumsolos. Seriously: VERY far advanced drummers who need to get some new ideas or everybody else who wants to see "how its done". (Yes I copied this from another review below, it fits so much)


DESCRIPTION: It's mostly Dennis showing off. Then after each song they show the bass/drum groove slower, then he's interviewed, and he's asked to make some interesting things he makes on each song. I didn't BECOME Dennis Chambers after watching this video, but I just got a few ideas.

The songs are too much long, so it's like too much information for you to get at once. If I really had to learn something, the songs would be less than 1 minute each, since they're very complex, and I can absorb all the information. They should know that this is an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO. This is, by the way, the same comment I want to make on Marco Minemann's Extreme Drumming DVD. I feel like skipping the songs parts of these videos because I really learn nothing watching them. It's just stuff for you to drool on. I want to learn soemthing, so I go straight to the explanation.

Plus, Marco Minemanns' songs are lame. They're mostly: 1 bar of groove, then Marco solos for 1 minute, 1 bar of groove, another drum solo, 1 bar of groove and so on.
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