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Default Re: does rock band help you on drumming

Originally Posted by bojangleman View Post
just like Guitar Hero. i play guitar(rather good if i can say myself) and i thought that i could play a song on GH3 on hard since i can play it on real guitar...well let me tell you.....NO!!!..soooo much difference...not even close..

This is a perfect example of how this is a game and has little to do with real life. I play drums in a band and have been messing around with guitars for a few years now, I wouldn't say I'm very good but I'm better than a 6-month novice. There are songs on Guitar Hero and Rock Band that I can not do on expert (guitar parts). But my brother who has NEVER played an instrument in his life can play the same songs and get perfect scores on expert.

ha! jus thought of this... would you expect a soldier in the military to be good at Halo, or Call of Duty? They might have a little advantage with their previous knowledge, but that doesn't mean they will automatically be awesome at the game.
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