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Originally Posted by PiperDrums722
i would like to say first off THERE IS NO NEED TO COMPARE TRAVIS BARKER TO PEOPLE LIKE STEVE GADD! They dont play the same thing. I would also like to say that Travis can play the drums very good. I mean most drummers now adays in the pop typer genres suck. Travis doesnt hes the best in his genre and he can play the kit. Travis is a musicion and hes one of the few real good musicians in his genre and he is 10 times better than tre cool if you actually listen to them both you can realize that!

**Travis is a good drummer especially for a person that plays the now adays music
Travis is good but Tre Cool only plays what fits the music Travis barker does the same but does cool fills Tre also does that I just think Tre has a more punky style to his drumming and I seriously Think Tre Cool is better by far. Tre Cool also has done better in his career as a musician I mean what ever happened to blink-182, and the Transplants just suck..... Boxcar car racer was good but haven't heard from them in a while and Green Day are still going at it!
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