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I think David is a truly amazing drummer. Very inventive and tasteful. I've studied him more than any other drummer for my own playing. He has a way of playing something that sounds simple and perfect for the song, but when you start to analyze what he does its usually pretty challanging. I remember learning to play "Dont change horses..." which sounds like a pretty simple song on drums. I got the actual exectution of the limbs pretty early, but getting the dynamics took quite some time.

My impression is that he is an "analytical" kind of musician that relies heavily on putting together pieces "mathematically/sheet music" so to speak. But the result doesnt sound technical or flat, so he really has a good taste for what to play.

The one thing I dont like too much is his solos though. It seems like he needs the other muscians to give him a framework to work out of. The solos he plays is out of context and just a display of his phenomenal skills (like most drum solos are).

I dont like soloing either, even though I could (and sometime do) throw a decent solo. Honestly; I have never heard a drumsolo that impressed me. They are almost always just a display of technique with no context, no gut feeling. I guess I kind of dont fit among drummers, because I think that drums without other instruments is boring.

Re that David is pushing the song when he plays Ive never though of it. It just sounds so natural and that it couldnt be done any other way.
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