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Default Re: Donny Gruendler here!

Hello Bernhard and all you fellow drummers on DW,
It is a beautiful day here in Los Angeles and I thought that I would write everyone to say "Hello". Also - I apologize for not posting more regularly; but my family and I were in the middle of a huge addition and remodel of our house. Now that it has concluded and life is settling back in -- I wanted to share some exciting news with each of you.

"The Drum Room"
You see, part of the construction included a newly built (and fully sound-proofed) drum recording studio. It is especially wonderful that I have not bothered my neighbors w/ my drums since! There are two rooms - a small control room and a medium tracking space of 16x19 w/ 12 foot ceilings that angle downward to 9ft at a 45 degree angle.

One kit stays mic'ed up at all times and can be recorded in either Pro Tools or Nuendo. Furthermore, and rather than having a window between rooms (which can compromise the sound-proofing itself) - I used networked cameras which display both rooms activities simultaneously. So for all you drum studio/gear fanatics - I have posted some picts at Flikr:

Thanks for taking a look and I hope to talk with each of you soon.
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