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Originally Posted by bolivar_Blue View Post
very true. Antonio is no doubt one of best drummers on the scene today. Like you said, no matter what genre he is playing in, his playing really delivers. From fusion with Pat Metheny Group, or more straight ahead stuff (i use the term 'straight ahead' very losely) with the Pat Metheny Trio, to more latin jazz with Danilo Perez or David Sanchez, to modern jazz with Scott Colley, Avishai Cohen, the list goes on man. here are some recomemend recordings...

Pat Metheny Trio/Day Trip
Antonio Sanchez/Migration
Avishai Cohen/Unity
Scott Colley/Architect of the Silent Moment
Pat Metheny Group/Way Up
Danilo Perez/Motherland

many more I can't think of right now.
Check out the album Ceremonial, Miguel Zenon. Very inspiring.
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