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Default New Journey CD/DVD - Anyone Get It

Hello Everyone,

I just bought the new Journey CD/DVD from Wal-Mart today. Only 11.88 for the 3 disc set.

Disc one is new material. Very good stuff here if you like the old Journey. Production and music sounds like it could fit in on a number of their older albums. Very typical, cookie cutter pop/rock. Very good though if you like that sort of thing. I do, so I was pretty pleased.

Arnel's voice is down right scary. What a talent this guy is. Perhaps even better than Perry in his prime. He definitely carries the band on his shoulders, and Journey is a great bunch of musicians.

Disc 2 is re recordings of their greatest hits. Very good stuff again. Arnel's voice is just amazing. I would listen to the old one, then the new one, and not to much of a difference. Perry's voice is a bit thinner and scratchy than Arnel's. But one isn't necessarily better than the other. One stand out is "Any Way You Want It". Deen seems to play a bit more intensely than the prior Journey drummers, so the song rocks a lot more.

My only complaints? The snare sound on the classic stuff. It is SO DEEP and powerful that it seems to over power some songs. This is true especially on "Don't Stop Believin'". Additionally, Neil Schon seems to have "Lost a bit off his fastball". His playing, while still fast, is definitely more sloppy and less distinct. Still solid playing, but he clearly isn't what he once was. Age, however, does seem to catch up to all of us, little bits at a time. And for his age, he still shreds.

I will watch the DVD tonight or tomorrow.

I do recommend this for any Journey fans out there. It was a great 12 bucks spent. I would rate the CDs a 4 out of 5 stars. And for value, 12 bucks hasn't gotten me this much happiness since my first visit to a strip club 20 years ago.
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