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Originally Posted by mikei View Post
People, we all need to chill about this.

Spam happens. I manage all the IT systems for my company, and we do everything possible to keep it to a minimum and we are 99.99 percent "spam free". And, we pay a full IT staff to manage this and have special spam hardware/software. I do not know what Bernards "IT budget" is, but I have to believe it is limited.

There is always a risk of spam on the internet, and if you let your kids surf it, even when you are present, there is no guarantee that they will not be exposed to something. So, if your kids are exposed to something, at the end of the day, it is YOUR fault, not someone elses.

This is probably one of the most spam free sites I have ever visited.

I do not let my daughters surf the web for obvious reasons. And, if they want to visit a website, I make sure that it is or others that I know have a HUGE IT budget to insure they are not exposed to pornography. I also keep my spam filters updated on my local computer, as it is our responsibility as well.

Your points are well taken but in this latest in a series of spam porn "attacks" we've seen over the last several days the original poster of the latest thread purposely titled the thread in regards to a very popular game with younger people purposely targeting them to check it out but finding something completely "inappropriate" in return.

You can only do so much agreed but these bottom feeders are very clever in their approach at reaching out to spew their filth on viewers and in this case those who are at most at risk of viewing it and it's unexceptable content.

Bernhard has explained the reason for the "problem" so we may have seen the end of it for now.

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