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Originally Posted by goatfish View Post
i love lamb of god. probably one of my favorite bands (although i'm a total jazzer haha!).

i've been a fan since about april of 2006, and since then i've bought the discography (including their stuff from the Burn The Priest days) and i've only become more addicted over time. chris's drumming isn't necessarily some of the most insanely complicated drumming out there, but he certainly is one of metal drumming's leader's as far as musicality goes. i myself have become a much better drummer and musician by studying his work, and i've noticed that i think differently when i play the drums these days because practicing his right hand/left hand independence techniques and trying to imitate his music and playing style has opened my eyes to different hand patterns and foot techniques, along with giving me a more creative and unique approach to the drumset. chris adler is bloody flawless.

gosh, i'd love to see them live. i'm so stoked for their new dvd on july 1st! wahoo!!
i agree, his sheer musicality and sense of 'groove' on the kit should serve as a lesson to drummer of all styles, i'm currently using the bass/snare patterns from remorse is for the dead to develop my bass drum ability, (recently gone over to double pedal) and it rocks

saw em at download 2007... you must see em live man they are awesome.. you will not be dissapointed....i give you my word
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