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Default Re: New Ludwig blue sparkle bop kit!

...very nice jayp, and you can add me to the jealous list.

I had that fab four Ludwig reissue kit, the 12, and 14" toms sounded a lot bigger than I thought they would. You should be very happy with those.

I am also struggling with wheather or not to add a rail mount on my 18" bass drum. I have one on my 24, and my 22, but I that little voice on my left shoulder is urging caution.

If you do decide to add one, and it does not matter if it is an original Ludwig, I would reccomend you consider the DW. They are nice and sturdy, and less cumbersome than the Gibralters are.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and once again, great score. I hope that you get more years out of them than Liz Taylor gets out of a marriage.

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