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Default Re: John Bonham

To start off Bonham is my fav. my username say it all.The way I see it is that Bonham too

Rock drumming is like Hendrix was too Rock guitar yes there is probably better technical

drummers but nobody brought drums too the forefront like Bonham did IMO Keith Moon is

the only other drummer that comes close for that time.Bonham brung

Tympani's,Gongs,Big Bass Drums,only a 5 piece kit and played the kit

with his hands.I know there were other drummers that did that but again he brung it to the

forefront just like Hendrix played the Guitar with his teeth,behind his back,and was the

master of feedback yes there was probably other guitar players that did that but again

he brung it too the forefront.They (Bonham & Hendrix) were Original,the Real Deal and

that's why their legacy lives on.

Keep Swatin'
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