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Default Re: Do not enter Guitar Hero DS topic

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I'm sure the powers in charge are working on the issue as we speak
Indeed. We are making it harder for spam bots to register, but that also means that it's going to be harder for real people to register. Forums can be set up so that a question has to be answered ("What do you put in a car to make it go?"), but people in different countries may answer differently (gas, petrol, etc.), plus visually impaired people may not be able to read the question. It can also be set up so that a string of characters is displayed that must be typed in by the new user, but there are problems with this method as well. And sad as it is to contemplate, there are actually real human beings who sign up on forum after forum just to post links and images that are clearly inappropriate.

Have you noticed that each post has a little image of a triangle for reporting posts to the Admins? Of all the people who saw the post mentioned here, only two people reported it using this method. If you start a new thread (like this one) saying not to view a certain thread, I have to read every thread before I stumble across your warning. If you report a thread using the method that we have provided, we get notice either the moment we sign on to the site or instantly if we are already here. And please don't wait until you see that an Admin is signed on here. If one is in Invisible mode then you'll never even know he's here.

As long as you are viewing Internet sites that allow user input, you are in danger of seeing things that you'd rather not see. Surf with caution, especially when youngsters are with you, and we will continue to monitor things as closely as we can and keep DrummerWorld safe for everyone.
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