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Default Re: Drummer/singers?

Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex View Post
I'm the drummer/singer for my band, and it's a tough gig! Keeping time and singing at the same time. I was just wondering if there are others like me on this forum, who drum and sing, and if they have any advice on posture behind the kit, and how I can keep better time. I used to use a metronome, but I could concentrate on the beat, the metronome, the words, and the right notes to sing at the same time =T
Thanks mi hombres =]

I sing mostly backing vocals.
I find it really difficult to sing with a only use clicks at gunpoint.
Really have to concentrate on my posture & breathing much more when singing & playing as opposed to playing drums only.
Like most things you get used to it until it becomes natural...(well almost in my case).

Timing isn't usually a problem. Hitting the correct notes is :-)
Everyone's what works for you.

If the band, or myself want some "drum genius moment" (all drummers are modest) from me and my singing affects my playing, we rearrange it so I sing different parts.
I find it tough sometimes...but it's rewarding. I do enjoy it.
"And he plays drums."
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