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Default Re: Drummer/singers?

Originally Posted by T.Underhill View Post
My band found out I can sing so now won't stop harping on it. They even gave me a vocal channel on the board w/ my name just in case. I think resistance is futile.

Are you my clone? This exact situation happened to me years ago, and I just couldn't stop my bandmates from exploring my voice to see what my range was.

I ended up singing lead on about a third of the songs, and back-up on most of the rest. Wow, does this bring back memories, or what? Mostly good ones, thankfully.

Hey, T. I suggest just goin' with it, and see what can come from it. You may find that you can "balance" the vocals with the drums easier than you may think. I guess it's just a matter of if you really want to or not, huh?

Good luck! ;-)
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