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Default does rock band help you on drumming

i bought rock band 2 days ago and once you do anything other then easy its like real drumming, does anyone else think so or am i just crazy. its probley the coolest thing have ever played, but it better be for $174, but i really think its helping my basic rock drumming skills, and i hear you can hook it up to your pc and use it as a drum machiene. and think about it ya there is only 4 pads but all you need is a cymbal, snare and bass drum. i wondere if there is any drumming lessons out there for this. like thik about it in rock band u can listen and see the drumming. on regular drumming sure you can read music and listen to it but this gives you the exact timing and everything. i know this has probably been talked about already cuz this game has been out forever but i was stuck on call of duty 4 for like 6 months. my gamer tag is jtt446 if anyone wants to play. also if you play online with some 1 they could show you new drum beats and stuff right?
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